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Art School

We occasionally organize a course in drawing, painting, and silk painting at our AR ATELIER in Gruda. Depending on preference it is possible to organize tri-monthly courses, as well as weekend and daily programs.
Konavle has for centuries been renowned for the production of silk yarn, where it was used for the decoration of male and notably female national costumes. The production occurred in the rooms of the women every spring. Every woman of Konavle had to rear enough silkworms to produce her own yarn for her individual embroidery. Until marriage, she would produce enough embroidery for various occasions and circumstances, for a long time it would be her only accessory and identity card. Every embroidery has a unique language that describes its tailor, her cunning, wealth or hardship, and when she makes it a part of her costume it becomes part of her personality. The Konavle embroidery is worn around the chest and the sleeves, where jewelry is worn today, and on the part of our body where we point with our finger when a person says „I". The Konavle embroidery is an important part of the national costume of a small region and it has developed its own artistic language transforming into something more than simple decoration.

Today the national costumes are slowly being abandoned, and the embroidery that we knit in our workshops is used for the production of applied and decorative items with the purpose of conserving the tradition. We produce our own silk yarn from the early spring to late fall until we have enough leaves on our trees to feed our silkworms.

Moreover we organize presentations and classes on the production of silk.

The maximum number of guests allowed at one time in AR Atelier located on Gruda is 35 people.

AR Frames

As a part of AR ATELIER there is a frame and art utilities workshop. 


Jaksa Radonic, frame and utility workshop manager

T/F: +385 (0)20 791 558
M: +385 (0) 98 943 2340


Antonia Rusković RadonićAntonia Ruskovic Radonic was born in Dubrovnik in 1973. In 1992 she enrolled in the Faculty of Philosophy (philosophy – indology), and in 1995 she continued her studies at the Fine Arts Academy in Zagreb, where she received her diploma in the class of professor Duro Seder. Because of her profound interest in the Konavle traditions and handicrafts, she has organized several educational programs aimed at protecting and conserving the traditional crafts of Konavle. She collects historic pieces of Konavle national costumes, and studies the production techniques of historic Konavle. She lives and works in Konavle.




  • 1999. Dubrovnik, Sponza
  • 2000. Dubrovnik, Gallery Altavista
  • 2001. Dubrovnik, Gallery Sebastijan; Supetar (Brač), Gallery Capra; Varaždin, Gallery Doraart; Velika Gorica, Gallery Kordić
  • 2002. Dubrovnik, Gallery Talir; Šibenik, Gallery St. Krševana
  • 2003. Dubrovnik, Gallery Artur; Supetar (Brač), Gallery Capra; Pridvorje, Franciscan monastery
  • 2004. Dubrovnik, Gallery Talir; Supetar (Brač), Gallery Capra
  • 2005. Split, Conservation gallery; Dubrovnik, Gallery Talir; Zagreb, Croatian National Theatre
  • 2006. Varaždin, City Museum Varaždin
  • 2007. Dubrovnik, Sponza
  • 2008. Zagreb, Gallery Mala
  • 2009. Dubrovnik, Gallery Talir


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AR Atelier is an art shop lead by academic painter Antonia Ruskovic Radonic. We produce various applied and decorative items created by several techniques like hand painted silk , pottery, and traditional Konavle embroidery.

Inspired by the beauty of the local backdrops, defined by the traditions of Dubrovnik and Konavle, and captivated by the craft that endlessly brings new opportunities of experiencing the very same item, we look forward to share our products with you.

All of our products are original, authentic and inspired by the joy of creating.

AR atelier, Antonia Rusković Radonić, Gruda 49, 20215 Gruda, Konavle
T: +385 20 791 355, F: +385 20 791 359, M: +385 91 2011999, E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , W: www.antoniaruskovic.com

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